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Top 5 Reasons why search engine Optimization matters

1. We all Love Traffic

Well executed SEO can be the difference between getting 100,000 visitors a day and 500 per month. The higher your website is on the first page of Google the more traffic your website has access to. The estimate is that 75% of internet searches are for the top five positions on Google for any given search query. A site that wants to rank for a certain word or phrase has to make sure that their site has an effective SEO strategy. The higher your website is on the first page of Google the more traffic your website will have.

2. Search engines matter

The majority of users use search engines to check online reviews before making a purchase. Organic search is an essential aspect of gathering information that will help users make a decision. Without SEO in place, your potential users will have a difficult time finding you and will connect with your competition instead.

3. SEO has strong ROI

SEO has a strong ROI and is cost effective in comparison to other forms of online marketing which include PPC advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. SEO is an essential part of online presence and enables your brand to be found by potential users that are looking for the types of services or products that you offer.

4. Be the Solution

Being able to find whatever information you are looking for within the click of a button has changed our society. When a user types in a search query, they have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Most of the time the solution is found on the first page of Google or by using another keyword. SEO can enable your brand to be the SOLUTION to any problem that a user is seeking to solve. By using SEO, your brand is more likely to be viewed by people who are searching for it online. How can your brand use SEO to be the solution to your potential customers challenges?

5. Stay on course with competition

Just because your business may not have an SEO strategy doesn’t mean that your competition won’t. SEO is an extremely valuable and it is essential to stay on course with your competition by integrating this tool into your business. By not integrating SEO into your business, you could be missing out.