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Top 5 Myths About Search Engine Optimization

1. All You Have to do is Change Your Meta tags In the past, meta tags were an essential part of SEO. You would write in the keywords you want to be ranked for in the meta tags and your page would be in the relevant query. This process became a source of spam and […]

Top 5 Reasons why search engine Optimization matters

1. We all Love Traffic Well executed SEO can be the difference between getting 100,000 visitors a day and 500 per month. The higher your website is on the first page of Google the more traffic your website has access to. The estimate is that 75% of internet searches are for the top five positions […]

4 Things You Need to Know About How Search Engines Work

#1 – What is a search engine? Search engines are answer providers. When you enter a query into a search box, search engines provide information by looking through billions of pages that have been stored on its servers. A search engine’s goal is to provide the most relevant and popular information for each query. Results […]

How To Identify & Optimize SEO Issues!

Watch SEO Hands On Training Video How to Audit & Fix Technical Issues!  Common On-Page SEO Factors Are there any On-Page SEO Factors affecting your search engine ranking? The most common factors are easiest to fix: Title Tags – are the Title Tags on your web pages relevent to their contents? optimized with the correct Keywords? […]

What Is SEO?

Watch SEO Hands on Training How to Kick Start Your SEO Strategy!  Search Engine Basics Search engines are designed to provide the most relevant and popular search results for a search query! Search results are ranked by the popularity and quality of the web page, and how useful and relevant it is to the user’s query. In order […]