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How to Audit & Fix Technical Issues! 

Common On-Page SEO Factors

Are there any On-Page SEO Factors affecting your search engine ranking? The most common factors are easiest to fix:

  • Title Tags – are the Title Tags on your web pages relevent to their contents? optimized with the correct Keywords? Every page of your website needs to have a unique and relevant Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions – although not a ranking factor, Meta Descriptions are sometimes displayed in search engine results, and the 1st thing a potential customer reads about your business! Every page of your website should have a unique Description that can capture a searchers attention.
  • Headings – search engines use Headings to understand and index a webpage. For this reason every Heading on your web pages should be descriptive and include your top Keywords.
  • Image ALT Tags – search engines can’t read images, and use Image ALT Tags to determine the relevance of an image to a search query! Every image on your website should have a unique, keyword optimized ALT Tag, especially if you are in the Lifestyle, Decor, or Beauty industry.

Common Off-Page SEO Factors

Off-Page SEO Factors can not only affect your search engine ranking, but also the user experience of visitors to your website. Focus on the most popular factors:

  • Site Speed – slow websites will loose visitors very quickly! Your site speed should be a #1 priority as it affects user experience, conversion rates, and ultimately sales.
  • Mobile Optimization – with the rise of smart phones, the world is moving to mobile search for products and services. It is vital to have a mobile-friendly website so you can capture those searchers on-the-go!
  • Broken Links – no one likes clicking on a link and getting a 404 Error Page, and search engines don’t either!